Former Marketing Executive, now Ambitious Women's Coach at Nettola Coaching | Sustainable Business Consultant | Occasional Actress,

  • Tenerife, Canary Islands

I felt the whole process was empowering! Jacqueline has been there throughout the whole process,  during and in between our sessions, with follow ups, exercises and inspirations.  She made me feel comfortable. She listened. 

Also always had a relevant exercise to tackle the topics I brought to the sessions. She explained what types of exercises / techniques we could do for each issue and made sure to leave me the choice in terms of what I was most comfortable with.  

I made positive changes in my life as a result of each and every session. 

Before I began coaching with Jacqueline, I was confused. Very confused. I have been working a lot throughout the years to ‘make it’ careerwise, but I never felt I was getting there. I was unhappy, and even though I had a lot of achievements under the belt I didn’t feel successful at all. 

When I realised that I wanted to experience a professional coaching process, Jacqueline was the first person I contacted.


First, it is amazing how much you can get out of coaching. Some subtle actions can lead to a very big impact, and it has definitely changed my life for the better.  

My biggest breakthrough has been to identify and eradicate beliefs that were holding me from moving forward in what I really want to do, even though I didn’t even know what that was at the start. They say that mindset is everything, and that is how Jacqueline helped me to realign my life in the direction I feel is right for me. I am now proud to say I have matched my salary from my old job working for myself. Thank you!


Former Finance Director, now Part-Time & Founder of a Conscious Dance Company

I had a thoroughly enjoyable and transformational experience! I felt like I was connected with my inner child! I was so pleased with the result!  

I attended Jacqueline’s ‘Paint Your Purpose’ workshop and it was exactly what the doctor ordered. I arrived stressed and overwhelmed, and being not particularly arty I was apprehensive about if I’ll be able to paint a picture. 


However Jacqueline was warm and welcoming, there was tea and cakes, and she gave a fascinating intro talk about the psychology around the activity and what we were about to do.


After a guided meditation, I was put into a peaceful yet energised state, and then the painting just flowed out of me. It was so relaxing to do it, just painting from an altered state of consciousness.

I went back to Jacqueline for her Turbo Boost Life Coaching Program. It really helped me gain clarity on what I’m trying to manifest and to zone in on that specifically with intense focus.

We used lots of interesting tools to tap into our intuition to dig into my dreams and desires and to overcome blocks that are in my way.

I felt Jacqueline was 100% present with me and holding space, listening to me intently and we were co-creating an outcome. It was a fully charged session for sure, although it was enjoyable, encouraging and creatively carried out.


Give Jacqueline a go, you may be surprised what you find out! 


Coach for Entrepreneurs & Recruiters | People Development at Kiki Kirby Coaching & Kiki Kirby Consulting

  • Cirencester, Gloucestershire, UK

Jacqueline is a great coach and she is a real professional at what she does. I loved her style from the very start of our coaching in-take session. I took some really challenging emotional goals to the sessions (one was to learn to say ‘no’ to people in my life) and through Jacqueline’s coaching, I have really achieved so much.


My confidence has grown, my communication has improved and my inner belief has increased. I think the biggest thing for me was that Jacqueline understood my faith and incorporated this into each of my coaching sessions – this was so important to me.


Jacqueline really look the time to understand what was important to me during our coaching sessions, what type of coach I wanted her to be in each session, what I wanted to achieve in each session and how she would work to support me during this process. So thank you SO much… I’ve really enjoyed the journey and developing while you were coaching me.



Makeup Artist at Tabitha Ellis MUA & Artist on Etsy

  • London, United Kingdom & the Globe

Jacqueline is a life coach extraordinaire!


She has a really vibrant energy and is especially great for people who want to bring more fun, energy and experience in to their coaching and their life.


She really wants to live her best life and empower others into living their best life. She has a real passion for the world and humanitarian projects that effect positive change on a global level. 

I've been coached by Jacqueline and enjoyed her workshops. She has really helped me and I don't know where I'd be without her. 



Client Relationship Manager at Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) 

  • London, United Kingdom

The Joyfinding Workshop gave me insight and helped me to portray my feelings and thoughts. It was inspiring and very well presented and thought-out. Jacqueline is an excellent life coach helping people find their joy! 



Founder and Director of Primrose Career Solutions 

  • Bristol, United Kingdom

I loved Jacqueline's Creative Circus webinar - it was useful, fun and enabled different thought processes.


I was struggling with a decision and the creative exercises Jacqueline took us through helped me think in a different way and open up a solution.

Can't wait for the next one! 


Finance Professional & Mum

  • Cotswolds, UK

Jacqueline and I hit it off straight away and I instantly felt comfortable talking to her about my problem areas. She understood everything that I said and understood my worries and concerns. 

Jacqueline worked with me on some great objectives that fitted well with my lifestyle and I have been able to build on certain relationships I have with friends and family because of this. 

***before the sessions I was walking in circles and wasn’t aware of my great potentials.


Since I started with Jacqueline, each session we would look at what area or problem I had been tackling that week and we would discuss this. The good and the bad and what I wanted to achieve and when by.


By the end of the call I would feel motivated and excited and feel like I could tackle whatever was in front of me. I would also have some objectives to complete for the following week. 

The coaching really made me see what person I am and who I could be and I feel a lot more at ease and comfortable with my life. 

My life has really turned around, and my boyfriend even proposed to me, when at one point I thought we may break up, and we are just about to buy our first house together. 

Jacqueline really does make a difference and I am so thankful for her coaching!

charlotte fox 2.png


Actress & Creator of own show, shown at Edinburgh Fringe Festival

  • London & LA 

Insightful perspective, emotional and spiritual connection. All round awesomeness! 

Mina Damien.jpg


Former IT Software Engineer, turned Professional Musician | Professional Academic

  • Stockholm Sweden

I'm really grateful I got over my own BS and skepticism to try out Jacqueline's tools, they're surprisingly really powerful!

It opened my eyes to what my future can hold for me if I trust the process. 

You can count on being guided through the exercise by Jacqueline's astute and deeply insightful direction.

Highly recommended! 

Olivia Nicula.jpg


Co-Founder, Eyewear Company & Store,

  • Bucharest, Romania

I started the 8 week program Reignite Your life 3 weeks ago with Jacqueline Labib & JoyFind Life Coaching and already found out a lot of new things about my health and what should I do to feel better.

I like a lot her system to check parts of our body and recognise the signs when something is not working well. Following Jacqueline recommendations and doing some small changes in daily routine, I have more energy during day and it's easier for me to wake up in the morning. I love all the tips and life coaching exercises and always look forward to our weekly group coaching call, it's my community.

I can't wait to see what's next! Thank you, Jacqueline and JoyFind 💐 



Recovery Coach with NHS, now also Trained Life Coach

  • Cambridge, UK

My confidence and self worth have gone up from a 3 to an 8 out of 10 in only 60 days with the Reignite Your Life program!


And an opening for the kind of job I saw in my 'future vision' exercise came up at work just days after I did it - I've been invited to apply, am thinking about going freelance like Jacqueline, and I'm feeling so much better about life!


Vice President, Employee Success, EMEA at Salesforce 

  • London, United Kingdom 

I have known Jacqueline is a highly engaging coach.


She creates a positive environment and asks the right questions to provoke creative thinking.


Jacqueline is respectful, inspiring, knowledgeable and encouraging.


I really enjoy working with her as I find her sessions truly motivating

dawn smith.jpg


Sales, Operations & Skills Developmnt

  • Cardiff, Wales

Six weeks ago I had so much that I wanted, no, I needed, to achieve, but I did not know how or where to start, so I never did! Then a good friend of mine introduced me to Jacqueline.

The power of coaching is not yet fully recognised to the masses, but I’m here and in just a short space of time, two of my goals have already been fully achieved, and the remaining ones I’m happily attending too now with passion, care and love.

I was apprehensive at first about being open and honest about the areas in my life I felt needed improving, sharing where I wanted to be, and the frustrations and fears I had about getting there, but Jacqueline from the outset made me feel comfortable, safe and in good hands.

I’m not the easiest of people to manage, I have a strong character, I’m direct and I like to see results! Jacqueline instantly picked up on my personality traits immediately understood my need for notes, action plans and recaps. The whole process was open, honest, and yes, difficult at times when you’re digging deep, but mostly fun, yes fun! I found myself often smiling at myself and excited to work on each goal that was being analysed.

I would recommend JoyFind to anyone reading this who is exhausted of not getting to where they know they deserve to be, as I know that JoyFind will get you there.

Thank you so much Jacqueline.



Communication & Interior Design Manager

  • Belfast, United Kingdom

Thank you so much for helping me on my journey to find my joy.


This has been a very easy and natural way to discover some feelings, thoughts and emotions that were buried very deep.


The activities were easy to follow and clear to understand and the discussions were great to open the mind to all the possibilities and learn a little more about ourselves.


Sharing that with each other also made this a really worthwhile experience.


I arrived yesterday morning with a dark cloud in front of my eyes and I leave today towards something that looks a lot more like ‘magic’.

Thank you for helping me see it. 


Mother of 7 & Trainee Life Coach

  • Switzerland

Being a mother of 7, my past 28 years have been fully occupied with teaching, training and taking care of my children, which has been a great experience in my life.


With this chapter slowly coming to an end I started looking to what is coming next, what my role will be now and finding out who I really am now in this new phase in front of me.

I can only thank God for the privilege it has been for me to have Jacqueline as my mentor going through the amazing metamorphosis that I went through during this life coach training course.   

First of all, I want to mention Jacqueline’s faith in me, her total and unwavering belief that I had what it takes to overcome what was blocking me, and to become a great coach. This was what encouraged me to keep going when I felt like giving up. 

She gently challenged me to take further steps without making me feel pushed above what I could handle.

She elegantly managed to give me feedback in a very positive way - I never felt criticized or looked down on, but challenged and encouraged to take the next step. 

Jacqueline managed to point out the positive progress I made, even when it was little, in a way that made me see that I was moving forward and moving in the right direction.   

Having now finished the course,standing with my Diploma in hand, which says I passed with Distinction, is quite mind blowing for me and I am forever grateful to Jacqueline for her great insight, her positiveness, her patience, faith and support.  



Human Capital Consultant

  • Bucharest, Romania

You've always been a true inspiration to me.


Your courage, authenticity and the ability to point out so gently, things that most people want to hide.


What you do is something special.



Actor, Dancer & Model

  • London, United Kingdom

Jacqueline uses a very artistic and creative way to help people visualise their personal goals and dreams.


I also enjoyed how simply she structured her session/workshops in order to bring you back to your end goal and how you could make dreams more tangible.


I felt very safe in her environment. And loved her dog as well!  



Personal Assistant, Corporate

  • London, United Kingdom

I will be forever grateful to Jacqueline for helping me find my passions in life, and providing me with the ongoing tools to improve my confidence.

A few months ago, I didn’t have much of a spark for life - work didn’t feel like it was going very well and wasn’t even sure if I wanted to continue doing the same thing. I also felt at that time I didn’t have any hobbies. I just felt that want to feel excited for the day ahead.

After 8 weeks I now have my spark back, I have learnt to trust my judgement, and I have more confidence and self-esteem than I've ever had before. I have since joined Rock Choir so have a brand new community around me, which I am so excited about.


I am clear about what my true self is and what my goals are.



Vice President Australia & New Zealand Solution Engineering at Salesforce 

  • Sydney, New South Wales, Australia 

Jacqueline was a risk I took after moving to London and being in an uncertain environment. I wanted to finally 'do something' about my insecurities and body image hang-ups. Little did I know that the risk I took in having that initial consult would be one of my greatest moves three years later still speaking regularly with her even after moving back to Australia. Jacqueline is professional, clever, kind and courageous.


She holds me accountable while giving me a caring and safe place to open my heart and spill words I've never heard myself say before. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve and understand their life on any front.


My discussion list was narrow when we started and since then we have conquered topics like my purpose, my parents, my values and many more.


A huge heartfelt thanks to you J.L. for helping me on my life journey. 

henry johnstone.jpg


Men's Mental Health Coach at Henry Johnstone Coaching | Metalwork Sculpturist

  • Norfolk/London, UK

I feel so lucky to have had Jacqueline as my coaching best practice mentor. I juggle two businesses which means I don't have the most reliable timetable and headspace for flexibility.


She is without a doubt a fantastic coach and she has a natural drive that came through into our sessions. She wanted me to do well, she championed me throughout the whole experience.


Never once did I feel she was doing a job but rather that she was investing personally in an experience that was as rewarding to me as it was to her. 

She has this wonderful ability to bring a friendly, approachable and supportive quality to each call. Jacqueline never made me feel that making a mistake was anything rather than a great learning experience.

She also understood when I was experiencing blocks in my progression - she has real intuitive accuracy.  I am incredibly grateful to Jacqueline for her time and her support of helping me get to where I am today. 



Website Manager | PPC Specialist | Designer at Quartzlight Marketing /TVAH Enterprises, LLC. 

  • North Little Rock, Arkansa

Jacqueline is a good listener. She’s gentle and encouraging, but not assuming.


She draws from her experiences to select coaching exercises that are very helpful to the session.


She has the ability to remember the details of each session and apply them to your long term life goals.


Jacqueline is quite pleasant to visit with as well, she really makes you feel like one of her friends right away. And it’s always nice to have a 'coach friend' in your corner. 


SAP-BW consultant

  • Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

I am really impressed and blessed to have a mentor/ Coach like Jacqueline. 

She has really inspired me to be proactive, overcome the challenges, achieve my goals with confidence. Also helps me to improve my communication skills as a professional.


She is a very passionate, sensitive and strong woman. 

I am really grateful to have Jacqueline as my Mentor/Coach in my life. I hope and believe that one day I will become what I set up my goals in future. 
Thanking you once again 


SAP-BW consultant, Nestle

​Warsaw, Poland & Cairo, Egypt

Jacqueline is an excellent coach who knows very well how to listen carefully, asks a lot, understand and help others connect the dots and come up with creative ideas to help improve your lifestyle and think forward for a better one. 

I highly recommend her. 


Business Coach

  • Zurich, Switzerland

I am so thankful that I met Jacqueline and have become part of the online course and community.

Spending the money was more than I usually would on a personal growth program, but I can honestly say I look at my bank statement and am HAPPY at what I spent it on.

It helped me to have a beautiful understanding about how to love myself.

I had neglected to put my health in first place for my entire 45 years. The course gave me even more awareness about my inner emotions, the language of the body, natural foods and herbs and the world is opening up. Now I can speak with my body in a gentle way and even reconcile with myself. Through Reignite Your Life, I found the patience to change my health and never again let go. I managed to lose weight and have a truly healthy lifestyle.

Thanks for your kindness and for developing this program for us. I wish you God’s blessing for the future and let your light shine girl!


Personal Development Professional & Enthusiast

  • London, United Kingdom

What the Joyfinding Part 1 & 2 workshops have done for me - they have brought me back to my loves, passions, where I feel vulnerable because I care.


Now I have a choice - I can live in integrity to that openness and passion. Partially dull or cut off again, desensitise. I prefer the former. 


Corporate Manager

  • Cairo, Egypt

With Jacqueline's coaching I learned to love myself, give it more time and concentration. I also learned to think about root causes when I am desperate or frustrated.

I couldn't help myself nor talk to myself. With Jacqueline I learned these skills. I learned to help me get out of my frustrations.


I am now able to spot when I am happy and I am going to sadness and depression. I learnt to understand myself. I can now take actions towards my mood and have more control on it.

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