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JoyFind coaching is about bringing light to the dark. Answers to internal questions, making sense of life, reaching new heights and feeling purposeful and fulfilled. And most importantly, finding exciting new possibilities and realising visions.


Gen Pepin

Genevieve Pepin, now sustainable fashion brand creator, personal success coach and social media maven, Tenerife:

I was confused. Very confused. I have been working a lot throughout the years to ‘make it’ careerwise, but I never felt I was getting there. I was unhappy, and even though I had a lot of achievements under the belt I didn’t feel successful at all.

When I realised that I wanted to experience a professional coaching process, Jacqueline was the first person I contacted. First it is amazing how much you can get out of coaching. Some subtle actions can lead to a very big impact, and it has definitely changed my life for the better.

Jacqueline has been there throughout the whole process, during and in between our sessions, with follow-ups, exercises, and inspirations. She made me feel comfortable and listened, and always had a relevant exercise to tackle the topics I brought to the sessions. She explained what types of exercises/techniques we could do for each issue and made sure to leave me the choice in terms of what I was most comfortable with. I felt the whole process was empowering, and I made positive changes in my life as a result of each and every session.

My biggest breakthrough has been to identify and eradicate beliefs that were holding me from moving forward in what I really want to do, even though I didn’t even know what that was at the start. They say that mindset is everything, and that is how Jacqueline helped me to realign my life in the direction I feel is right for me. Thank you!

Jacqueline on working with Genevieve: Gen and I are still in touch doing additional sessions every now and then, and I am loving watching her journey unfold. She has become so much more confident and happy, and though her life was in a nice place, she wanted it to be really great, to push out of what she had repeatedly experienced in cycles. She successfully broke the patterns and now sees the peak of the mountain she wants to reach much more clearly, and is on the yellow brick road that leads there. She is enjoying life so much more and her fears and worries have significantly subsided. We will be firm friends and collaborators for a long time to come.


Claire Cripps, Ipswich/London:

I went to Jacqueline at a very tough time in my life both business wise and personally. I couldn’t see how to move forward and my confidence was extremely low. It felt like constant overwhelm, stress and anxiety. Working with Jacqueline over the course of a year, I was able to see some light at the end of the tunnel. I was able to rebuild my confidence, clarify my goals and create real tangible steps to move towards them. My life was mine again and I felt I had the freedom to create what I loved rather than live in reaction to circumstances day after day. My life has completely turned around.

Jacqueline on working with Claire: It was a pleasure working with Claire. She was really committed to doing what it took both in sessions and outside, and was open to areas of improvement (in her opinion, not mine) and working on those with holistic tools and practical action. She is a beautiful soul and has much to offer the world – she just wanted her eyes to be opened to her patterns, and she achieved that.


Catherine Lister, Chiswick, London

Jacqueline coached my son (aged 16) for 6 weeks to help build his confidence in group situations in general, and particularly in class. He really enjoyed the sessions with her and the change in him has been noticeable. Being a fairly uncommunicative teenaged boy, it’s sometimes difficult to squeeze information out of him, but he is definitely more self-assured now, and his school reported that he has ‘become more engaged in lessons as time has moved on and he has grown in confidence’. I would certainly recommend Jacqueline to anyone looking for a coach for young people.

Jacqueline on working with Catherine’s son: It’s such a pleasure to see a teenager unfold. His ideas, character, insight and perspective are all in a state of flux and growth. Coaching came at a time when he needed it and he was engaged and ready to look at himself. I’m proud and engaged in following who he becomes.


Diana Terry, Vice President, Asia Pacific Solution Engineering, Salesforce – UK & Australia

I’ve been attending sessions with Jacqueline for over 18 months now in London in person and carrying on in Sydney via Skype once I moved there, and look forward to each and every session. I thoroughly enjoy the sanctity and ability to be my ‘whole’ self with her.

JL asks gentle yet probing questions that enable me to think differently and come to some of my own conclusions which is a wonderful, satisfying experience.

I originally started for personal reasons and have now worked through many different areas of my life with no boundaries, often bringing work dilemmas and peer and management relationship issues to our sessions. I’ve also attended The Joyfinding Weekender workshop/course which was excellent. In a small group we explored ourselves, our goals and the reasons we have for our life. I found responses within myself I’ve never been aware of in my 39 years on this earth which both surprised and delighted me!

I would heartily recommend Jacqueline to anyone looking to improve their life and improve their understanding of it. This provides a foundation to help yourself and those around you.

Jacqueline on working with Di: Di is a dynamic and wonderful character. I have much respect for her and enjoy our sessions immensely. She brings vulnerability to sessions and a readiness to look at all parts of her life together to support her in what is happening currently. She is action-orientated, meaning the depth we get into in a coaching goes out to the world in a practical and tangible way, impacting her family, friends, wider work network and even acquaintances. She is a heart-centred professional and powerful woman making real change and touching lives everywhere she goes.


Francisca Kozijn, London:

Jacqueline has been an amazing guide throughout my 6 month career coaching journey.  I started with so many ideas, thoughts and plans but with her support and direction I have been able to narrow it down to what I actually want and to be content with my decisions.

Jacqueline asks the right questions, listens to what is said and provides guidance and direction tailored on what you have said.

She is kind, thoughtful, considerate and above all caring and it has been a pleasure working with her.  I highly recommend her as a career coach.

Jacqueline on working with ‘Cis’: Cis had real conflict going on but also great ideas. She needed only be encouraged a little for those ideas to come out and manifest. She has a great future ahead of her. We stay in touch and I keenly track her progress.


Dajana Jackson Prosnanova, Managing Director & Slimming Coach, Hypoxi Knightsbridge:

“It was like I only had a little lamp on, but coaching flooded the room with light.

Having only very little knowledge of what was involved in life coaching, I am extremely happy with the experience I received.

I have recently set up my own slimming clinic business which keeps me really busy. I was looking for a new approach to deal with situations from a professional and personal point of view.

I am really delighted and grateful for coaching with Jacqueline.

I feel she has given me the tools to uncover certain areas in my life and deal with them in a more focused way. I have a much clearer vision of which way I want to go and what needs to be done, after just one session.

I am already experiencing a different perspective, and am much more focused and organised in my life journey!”

Jacqueline on working with Dajana: Dajana had been working hard in her business and giving little time to herself. We organised a way for her to move forward both personally and professionally – she had some ideas which we clarified and tied down into positive action which made a real difference to her.

Alternatively to 1:1, Group Coaching in Workshops is available: click here for reviews of JoyFind’s workshops

Reena Patel, London, Lifestyle PR Consultant and Winner of PR Week Freelancer of the Year

“JoyFind is a wholly supportive and inspiring lifestyle coaching service.

Not only does Jacqueline Labib help to steer you along with strong and clear guidance to reach your desired goals in a professional manner, she also approaches it with genuine compassion and sincerity. She is a great listener with the ability to really prompt you when you reach an obstacle.

Each session is thorough and directional, digging deep to help delve into the root of the areas you wish to address to ensure that you get the best out of your time with her and ultimately, for yourself.  Each goalpost is clearly ascertained and defined, which has immensely helped me to work out the priorities in my life and strive to achieve them with greater clarity.

I would highly recommend JoyFind to anyone who wants to succeed – whether it be in their personal life or their career, or for any other area in which they feel they need it.”

Charlotte Fox, Actress, Comedian, Playwright and Physical Theatre Performer

“Hey Jacqueline! Just wanted to thank you so much for yesterday, was great to get some things out there, planned and ready for a course of action! So, I told you I was off to hunt for a play for my friend and I to put on in the theatre we found. I was crawling around in the theatre bookshop for ages and found the perfect one! So we’ve already started reading etc. Then I got home and have been given the part in a short film, shooting this weekend! HAPPY DAYS! Good vibes!!! I’ve also woken up this morning to have a nice cup of tea and slowly plan my day, like the tortoise! Thanks for your all your amazing help, my life appreciates it! Big love, Char x”

Dawn Smith, Cheltenham, Sales Manager – now Skills Coach and Assessor to Apprenticeship Students, Bristol

“Six weeks ago I had so much that I wanted – no – I needed, to achieve, but I did not know how or where to start, so I never did! Then a good friend of mine introduced me to Jacqueline and JoyFind. I was apprehensive at first about being open and honest about the areas in my life I felt needed improving, sharing where I wanted to be, and the frustrations and fears I had about getting there, but Jacqueline from the outset made me feel comfortable, safe and in good hands.

I’m not the easiest of people to manage, I have a strong character, I’m direct and I like to see results! Jacqueline instantly picked up on my personality traits immediately understood my need for notes, action plans and recaps. The whole process was open, honest, and yes, difficult at times when you’re digging deep, but mostly fun, yes fun! I found myself often smiling at myself and excited to work on each goal that was being analysed.

The power of coaching is not yet fully recognised to the masses, but I’m here and in just a short space of time, two of my goals have already been fully achieved, and the remaining ones I’m happily attending too now with passion, care and love.  I would have paid £1,000 for every single session, that’s the value it’s brought to my life.

I would recommend JoyFind to anyone reading this who is exhausted of not getting to where they know they deserve to be, as I know that JoyFind will get you there.

Thank you so much Jacqueline.

Grazia Tribulato, Global Head of Brand in the Music Industry

“Working with Jacqueline has helped me a really great deal in getting more clarity and understanding where I want to be and how I want to be as a person.

Jacqueline is very sensitive and we immediately connected.

She supported me through some key changes in my lifestyle and mostly on how I saw myself. Working with her has been a pleasure and I want to continue to work with her in the future also, when new challenges arise.”

Additional sessions with Grazia on Image Coaching:

“I worked with Jacqueline to prepare for a series of interviews I had and really appreciated the insight I gained through her image coaching. I was going to meet a company in an industry I never worked for and so I was very anxious about what they expected from me. Jacqueline helped me to focus on what was important for me in those first meetings and how to translate that message into an outfit in which I would also feel me and very at ease – I loved it and the company loved me too!”

Ebonie Allard, Kent

“Jacqueline is an enthusiastic, energetic coach. Her style is warm, personable and when appropriate, high octane. She comes across as incredibly prepared and considered.

In our session we completed via telephone, a values elicitation concentrating on my values (both operational and aspirational) in a romantic relationship; which is a very personal and at times deeply probing task to complete, she made me feel safe and encouraged me to get everything I could from our session. I felt able to dig deep and as a result left the session with a much clearer understanding of old patterns as well as a set of guiding principles for the future of my relationships.

I wholeheartedly recommend Jacqueline – coaching fellow coaches can be tough, as we often know what is coming and can be easily distracted from being fully present in the session. With this in mind, I felt that Jacqueline had a handle on me and the session, holding the space well and reassuring me that our session was for me, and in confidence; allowing me to 100% engage with the task at hand.”

Kiki Kirby, Multiple Business Owner, Cirencester

 “Jacqueline is a great coach and she is a real professional at what she does.  I loved her style from the very start of our coaching in-take session.

I took some really challenging emotional goals to the sessions (one was to learn to say ‘no’ to people in my life) and through Jacqueline’s coaching, I have really achieved so much.

My confidence has grown, my communication has improved and my inner belief has increased.  I think the biggest thing for me was that Jacqueline understood my faith and incorporated this into each of my coaching sessions – this was so important to me.

Jacqueline really look the time to understand what was important to me during our coaching sessions, what type of coach I wanted her to be in each session, what I wanted to achieve in each session and how she would work to support me during this process.

So thank you SO much… I’ve really enjoyed the journey and developing while you were coaching me.”

Abbie Bryant, Swindon

“Jacqueline and I hit it off straight away and I instantly felt comfortable talking to her about my problem areas. She understood everything that I said and understood my worries and concerns.

Jacqueline worked with me on some great objectives that fitted well with my lifestyle and I have been able to build on certain relationships I have with friends and family because of this.

The coaching really made me see what person I am and who I could be and I feel a lot more at ease and comfortable with my life.

Each session we would look at what area or problem I had been tackling that week and we would discuss this. The good and the bad and what I wanted to achieve and when by. By the end of the call I would feel motivated and excited and feel like I could tackle whatever was in front of me. I would also have some objectives to complete for the following week.

My life has really turned around, and my boyfriend even proposed to me, when at one point I thought we may break up, and we are just about to buy our first house together.

Jacqueline really does make a difference and I am so thankful for her coaching!”

Rebecca Alexander, London

“I’d never been a believer in things such as coaching until I met Jacqueline! I now see that life coaching is an emerging phenomenon with much significance in today’s fast paced lives.

On a sunny afternoon during my lunch break Jacqueline first introduced me to the EFT technique to help me centre myself and clear my mind from negative energy, having long suffered with anxiety and uncontrollable nerves in challenging settings such as business presentations or interviews.

Jacqueline taught me to take control of my emotions, channel the negative energy into positive and be the master of my own success.

It’s a great pleasure to have worked with her, and the company of her calm and soothing dog, Angel, was an added bonus!

Julia Robertson, Hays Global Recruitment and Winner of “Hays High Achieving PA of the Year 2014”, London

Jacqueline, you are fantastic!”

“I want to jump up and down and shout to people ‘work with Jacqueline’, it’s changed my day to day life! JoyFind is a great resource for anyone looking to analyse their capabilities.”

Camille Alleyne, London

“I found it very easy to formulate my goals with the assistance of Jacqueline who thoroughly took me through the process. Sometimes I would be amazed at how I would reach a conclusion effortlessly.

I enjoyed the professionalism that Jacqueline brought to each session, which reassured me that my sessions were considered very important and this encouraged me to commit to the process.

I found Jacqueline very alert to the process and thank her for her dedicated work.”

Daniel Browne, Entrepreneur, Los Angeles

“Jacqueline was so professional and helped me achieve more than I thought possible!”

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