The JoyFind Base Camp Retreat
Wednesday 20th – Tuesday 26th September 2017
Costa Vicentina, Atlantic Ocean Coast, Portugal

Places limited to 15

Where do you go when you’re feeling off centre, confused, unsure of a next step? Maybe family, friends, an advice network, a community that gets you, your boss, close colleagues, confidantes – people that understand you, give you real talk, find your feet again, get your confidence and determination back, people you feel safe with.

Who do you go to when you’re completely lost in life, scared and feeling like no one gets you, like you’re disjointed from your once-familiar life? A priest or pastor, perhaps, a guru or spiritualist, sister, psychic or as I did once – at a tattoo reader… You want someone to tell you wise words of wisdom about yourself, give you an inkling of what path is right for you to take, where your gifts lie, what decisions to make, maybe what you can leave this world with, what your talents are, how you’re unique – what you’re worth. You want ideas of where to go, guidance, pointers…something.

What if those words of wisdom you seek were within you? Yes, yes, we know that by now, ‘the wisdom is within us’, it’s plastered everywhere, but how do we get them out? How do we know if we can trust that voice, or hear it if it isn’t saying anything at all? ….Hello? Are you there??

What if there were a ‘base camp’? A safe place to have our back and hold our stuff, like for the weary travellers at the foot of Everest. A place of magical warmth, security and relief. Reassurance and revival when we need it most. Comfort, hope, company and renewal. A place where as you walk through the tents and smile and greet the familiar faces, you feel rock solid, a feeling spreading from within, giving you strength again. You are revived, have nourishment for your journey. You’re ready to go back out.

We all need a base camp. We need a place of security and survival, that feeds up, revives us when we are lost and the winds have made us weary. A place which we know our way to, a place to aim towards for sage advice, care and laughter, a check-in point just when we need it most. A place inside which shows us the way when we are lost and a group of people here to care for us, nourish us and send us on our way. A tight-knit group that knows us in and out, looks into our eye and sees what we’re going through, gives us what we need and sends us on our way. A family.

We NEED a base camp. As the human race we were designed to need a pack, hunters who go with us, find what we need together, all individual, all the same.

There is a place you can go to find all your inspiration. Find out what your heart wants, what you’re here to do, how you can be of service to the world.

Where you can recharge, find your strength within, your resolute determined nature.

Where there are people who get you. Who have walked the same path, done the same journey, know what you have been through and are going through inside.

Who when you’re lost, see what’s happening and help you get on track within a few quick minutes.

Surya Lodge’s location is in an idyllic mountain range near the beach


The JoyFind Base Camp Retreat is:

An adventure in the depths of a magical country, an experience that will become close to your heart, that you’ll never forget.

A way forward you could have never imagined, a special place where you found what you were looking for.

A balm to your disjointed life, supported by women and men on a similar journey around you.

You came as a blank canvas, open, aware but wanting more. You left filled with inspiration, hope and desire, ready for the next chapter.

You came nervous and shy. You left a lion, roaring your tune.

You came wanting to know. You left, knowing all you need to, for now.

You came dejected and hopeless, wondering what more life could hold for you. You left, hopeful, embraced, renewed and invigorated for life again.

What we do:

Over 5 days we will be undertaking a mixture of confidence-boosting, challenging activities that physically, mentally and emotionally bring us up to par with the new life we want to live.

Alongside, each day we will delve deep into your emotional self and change beliefs from the outside in. We all carry beliefs from childhood, and sometimes, it’s time they changed.

Portugal offers so many adventures, from the array we have selected the five most daring, unusual and boundary-pushing they have, to build your confidence and trust in yourself, step by step.

Race car driving around the world famous Algarve track

Tandem Skydiving across the mindblowing sky in a boundary-pushing, partnered experience you will never forget

Dolphin-boating – in pursuit of wild dolphins, we take to the sea in a chartered boat to watch these magical creatures frolic

Secret Waterfall Adventure in Kayaks – skimming down the still River Mira, cleanest in Europe, to a secret waterfall’s cleansing waters

Additional activities available – Download the Retreat Schedule

We undertake spiritual and emotional work in groups each day, as well as one-to-one time in partners, strengthening bonds between retreat participants whilst transforming ourselves with deep life coaching work.

15 women and men will have the opportunity to take a trip which will change them, transform them for the better, and be sustained through their life from this incredible experience they will be proud to have said they have done. A retreat is not just for the moment – it lasts for your lifetime.

Led by Jacqueline Labib, Transformational Life & Business Coach & Global Empowerment Speaker


1700 GBP when paid in full
Payment plans available

Download the Retreat Schedule

The JoyFind Base Camp Retreat
Wednesday 20th – Tuesday 26th September 2017
Costa Vicentina, Atlantic Ocean Coast, Portugal
Limited to 15 places

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The Algarve Coast's magnificent caves host us for JoyFind Life Coaching's Transformational July 2017 Retreat

The magnificent caves of the Algarve Coast we will visit


Algarve's famous racetrack will allow us to push our boundaries to the max C Mr Travel Portugal

The Algarve’s famous racetrack will allow us to push our boundaries to the max
Image courtesy of Mr Travel Portugal


Dolphin watching - an opportunity to learn from the animals that live in this rich natural area

Dolphin watching – an opportunity to learn from the animals that live in this rich natural area

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