The JoyFind Shine Your Light Retreat
Sunday 16th – Saturday 22nd September 2018
Costa Vicentina, Atlantic Ocean Coast & Natural Park, South West Portugal


Do you feel you have a force, a drive inside of you that needs to come out and manifest in the world?

That there’s more for you in this life and ‘this’ might not be all there is?

Have you been too busy in recent times to even notice that it’s there, maybe even til you read this question?

Are you clueless but curious as to what it might be? If so, read on…


JoyFind Life Coaching presents a getaway and deep retreat to help you find out what would satisfy, fulfill and fill you to brimming with purpose in this next stage of your life, with a life coach’s kind guidance, tools and support, and a healthy dose of adventure and fun

An escape from the everyday, for those curious and ready to open themselves up to the next phase of their life.

A personal life coaching retreat blended with horizon-widening adventure activities for a deep insight into who you are, what you love, who you could now be, do and have, simple fun and a confidence boost in a 7 day program of insight, fun, refreshment and reflection:

  • Satisfy your curiosity about what could be next for you in your life, whether you’ve had your ‘first life’ and want your second wind or feel you’re yet to embark on the most exciting part of your life
  • Find out your uniqueness, talents and possible bigger contribution to the world
  • Have support and tools to explore yourself and your curiosity
  • Experience memorable, daring, out of the ordinary and beautiful adventures in the rich mountains, skies, waters and coasts of beautiful, unique Portugal
  • Make firm friends on your wavelength
  • Change your outlook on life to be clearer and ‘own’ your new purpose with confidence
  • Go home stronger, more open-minded, more creative, and confident in your judgment, ideas and opinions


Great if you:

  • Want a getaway but other people’s holiday/spare time plans don’t line up with yours


  • Need a health and/or life reboot


  • Don’t want to do any organising, life is busy enough, but do want a trusted and well-considered, empathetic experience, where all you have to do is book your flight and show up


  • Want some time away from people you know and usually spend time with


  • Want to fill some time you have


  • Want to go on a ‘controlled’ adventure abroad


  • Would like a trip to be structured to really make the most of the time away, informed by locals in tried and tested places, the best of the region


  • Travel with an experienced trip organiser skilled in looking after groups, running itineraries in different countries and retreat/getaway experiences


  • Prefer to get more benefits out of a trip than just having a few days in a pretty place


  • Like to incorporate a bit of yoga and activities with relaxation when on holiday

The idyllic Surya Lodge – our base camp for the retreat


Consider, where do you usually go when you’re feeling off-centre, confused and unsure of a next step? When you feel you’ve outgrown a once-familiar life, disjointed from it and want guidance and clarity on what could be next?

You may want someone to tell you wise words of wisdom about yourself, give you an inkling of what path is right for you to take now, where your gifts lie, what decisions to make, maybe what you can leave this world with, your contribution. What you’re talented at, how best to use the time you have left, how you’re unique and what to give that to others, what your gift to this world is. You want ideas of where to go, guidance, pointers…something new and fresh to do, focus on, enjoy and feel fulfilled.

Perhaps you go to your family, friends, close neighbours or a community you’re part of for advice. A manager at work, close colleagues, people in your network you talk to… but they don’t quite ‘get’ you and where your head is now. They’re limited in their thinking, clouded by who they know you to be, and maybe just repeat the things they’ve always said.


The JoyFind Shine Your Light Retreat is a place to go to find You. To find and spark what’s inside, around the camp fire of inspiration together. To find out what your heart wants for you now and what is awaiting you. Enjoy the discovery with a fun ‘team’, in a nurturing, high-vibe and special location with joy, expansiveness and fun


Surya Lodge’s location is in an idyllic mountain range near the beach


Over seven days, based at the beautiful Surya Lodge in Costa Vicentina protected Natural Park and travelling to surrounding beautiful areas for activities, we use transformational life coaching workshops where you explore deeper your personal truth, applying the techniques to you and your situation:

  • What’s important to you
  • What you truly wish to leave this life having done
  • How you can use your unique talents and personality to effect change, happiness, satisfaction or joy in the world
  • What that means doing, changing or being in your life from now on
  • How to actually do it in your day-to-day life
  • Relax and reflect on life and how it’s going


Using five Key Areas that help you explore and open up to who you are and what’s next for you personally:


  • Deep Mental & Physical Health Renewal
  • Revealing Your True Essence into the World
  • Relationship Renewals
  • Belief Systems and Changing Them
  • Next Steps for Your Life Once You’re Home

Each day has the added experience of confidence-elevating adventure activities:


Thrilling Go-Kart/Supercar Driving Experience on the World-Famous Algarve Autodrome Racetrack
Step into the driving seat of your life – confidence-boosting, stretching, awakening, enlivening

Stunning Tandem Skydive
With a professional partner. Push your boundaries, return a new person. Rise up in the plane, seeing the whole of Portugal below you, descend over the stunning horizon, free as a bird…land with an unrivalled sense of perspective and proud achievement

Exhilarating Wild Dolphin Tracking
Come down from the skydiving high and nourish your relationship with nature, your surroundings and wild animals with a trip in a small speed-boat alongside wild dolphins known to frequent this area. Opportunity to see sharks and whales too!

Cleanest River in Europe: Kayaking and Secret Waterfall Experience
Partner kayaking on the calm river, the cleanest in Europe, enjoying the serenity and openness of nature, spotting kestrels, kingfishers and river life as we move towards a secret waterfall, for a symbolically and physically cleansing wash in the renewing water under the afternoon sun

The experiences push you beyond your current limits so your mind also goes past what it knows, opening you up to new wisdom, clarity and ideas

Dolphin watching - an opportunity to learn from the animals that live in this rich natural area

Wild Dolphin watching – an opportunity to experience and learn from the joy of these animals that live in this beautiful natural area


Skydiving over the South coast of Portugal, in clear skies over stunning waters. Image courtesy of Skydiving Algarve


Algarve’s famous racetrack will allow us to push our boundaries to the max
C Mr Travel Portugal

The Algarve Coast's magnificent caves host us for JoyFind Life Coaching's Transformational July 2017 Retreat

The magnificent, unique caves of the Algarve Coast we will have the opportunity to explore


See pictures on our Instagram from last year’s retreat

What you get from this retreat:

  • Meet people you know you can connect with and recharge with later – a ‘team’ who ‘get’ you
  • Work with a world-class, nurturing Coach, Facilitator and travel conoisseur and all-round fun personality Read more about Jacqueline here
  • Be inspired by your surroundings, away from the humdrum and commitments of normal life
  • Find space for your own thoughts and truth to be released
  • Enjoy the health benefits of the gorgeous mountain air and organic food
  • Have incredible fun and do brand new things you’ve never done before
  • Go home changed and ready for a new, clearer chapter


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Praise for Jacqueline’s transformational workshops and retreats:

“Awesome workshop. I would encourage anybody to do it. One exercise in particular really got straight to the issues I had been struggling with for quite a period of time. I was left with both the clarity and motivation to make changes immediately and did indeed start doing so within 30 minutes of leaving! As a veteran of many personal development workshops over the years, you rarely find something which really gets you into action fast, but this certainly does. Many thanks to Jacqueline for this change.” Shalini

“Jacqueline is kind, thoughtful, considerate and above all, caring, and it has been a pleasure working with her. She asks the right questions, listens to what is said and provides guidance and direction tailored on what you have said. I highly recommend her as a life, career and personal wellbeing coach.” Francisca

“I really enjoyed our time together – I found it very positive, powerful and encouraging. It makes you think outside the box and aim for better things.”  Daiva



Who is Your Retreat Leader?

Jacqueline Labib is a Transformational Life and Business Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Speaker and Leader dedicated to bringing as many people as possible to their truest selves and most fantastic lives in the company of other great people.

She is a seasoned traveller and adventurer, taking in 12 countries in two years, using her time in each unique place to guide, support and transform lives in every way possible with her transformational tools, youthful spirit of fun, and connected, expansive wisdom. While abroad she deep dives into herself, expands her view of the world, writes, shares her insights through videos, pictures and writing and comes back ‘grown’, to shine her light into the lives of others. She lives her company, JoyFind’s ethos – life is for THRIVING, not surviving and wants everyone the world over, no matter age, background, gender or culture to be able to do the same.

From the remote mountains of Guatemala, to the deserts of southern Egypt and Sudan, the placid waters of the Caribbean to the blissful forests of Bulgaria, she has taken inspiration from each place and culture, an ability to deal with all cultures and eventualities, and a resilient, committed spirit, to bring you The JoyFind Shine Your Light Retreat.



Marshmallow-roasting on an active American volcano; on the Bosphorus Sea wild dolphin-spotting, Turkey


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The JoyFind Base Camp Retreat is:

An adventure in the depths of a magical country, an experience that will become close to your heart, that you’ll never forget.

A way forward you could have never imagined, a special place where you found what you were looking for.

A balm to any disconnect in your life, supported by women and men on a similar journey around you.

A place to write on the blank canvas you currently are, open, aware but wanting more. Leave filled with inspiration, hope and desire, ready for the next chapter.

A place to shed nerves and shyness of the future. Leave a lion, roaring your tune.

You came wanting to know. You left, knowing all you need to for now.

You came wondering what more life could hold for you. You left, hopeful, invigorated and renewed for life again.


The JoyFind Base Camp Retreat
Transformational Life Coaching & Adventure Activity Retreat
Sunday 16th – Saturday 22nd September 2018
Costa Vicentina, Atlantic Ocean Coast, South West Portugal
Limited to 8 places

2497 GBP

Payment plans available – earlier enquiries will receive better rates

Incredible Value: c
overs all adventure activities, life coaching workshops, food/beverages/snacks, accommodation, transfers and staff support

A truly modest investment for the next phase of your life

(Flights to be booked separately – typically £60-120 GBP return)


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