JoyFind Coaching is proud to present…


A workshop that can change your life.
It’s certainly designed to.

A unique world of ‘you’ where your heart leads the parade and change is thick in the air.


Created from the depths of a life coach’s heart committed to change for the better…

Joyfinding is an opportunity to take the scattered thoughts and ideas you’ve had for your life and
bring them together to make something solid, something you can go after.
Something that is so exciting, so invigorating, so fruitful – a colourful explosion of joy
for your life.

Using a unique blend of painting, higher mind states, life principles and life coaching,
joyfinding is a workshop in which we reveal the secrets ready to be unveiled in your life.
What has held you back, and will do no longer. what your true mission, purpose and
uniqueness is; that ‘more’ you’ve been searching for…

But you’re not left there. We go all the way, to the ‘what next’ once you’ve found it…

And all with a big pinch of fun!


Some of our participants’ experiences:

“Thanks so much for running the workshop at the weekend. I can certainly say I’ve never done anything like that before and it was very eye opening!” G

“Awesome workshop. I would encourage anybody to do it. One exercise in particular really got straight to the issues I had been struggling with for quite a period of time. I was left with both the clarity and motivation to make changes immediately and did indeed start doing so within 30 minutes of leaving! As a veteran of many personal development workshops over the years, you rarely find something which really gets you into action fast, but this certainly does. Many thanks to Jacqueline for this workshop and to Chloe for assisting.” Shalini

“I really enjoyed the workshop – I found it very positive, powerful and encouraging. It makes you think outside the box and aim for better things.” Daiva

“I learned to let your inner child out, so it can transform your life” Nikolett




In Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra’s book, ‘7 Steps to Radical Wellbeing’, Deepak writes a beautiful thing about daily engaging in childlike activities, like painting:

He says, “An ancient Vedic aphorism says, ‘Infinite flexibility is the secret to immortality.’
When we cultivate flexibility in our consciousness, we renew ourselves in every moment and reverse the ageing process.

Children offer the finest expressions of openness and flexibility. They play and laugh freely, and find wonder in the smallest things. They are infinitely creative because they haven’t yet built up the layers of conditioning that create limitations and restrictions.”   

Jacqueline adds:

Imagine your mind is a palace. In this palace there are many, many rooms. On the walls of each room, there is writing on its wall. These are your beliefs. We live in very grand and beautiful palaces, but we cease to explore them. We stay in just a few rooms, each of which has a belief carved into its wall.
We never discover the new rooms, those without anything on the wall just yet – those in which we can feel new, and free.

We use painting, questioning, written exercises and partner activities to understand where you have come from until now (patterns that have made your life what it is today) and where you can personally go next (possibilities that lie before you and feel like the true and real expression of you).

Join us to feel freedom in your mind and whole being.



Some of the beautiful paintings that come out of the workshop, each with a unique and insightful meaning and message you will learn to decipher:





Joyfinding workshop painting small
Yusuf painting1 13254443_1746885422193189_2221523629922757285_n
Clare Fox Light Painting

Joyfinding pt1 28May16 silly photo


What we’re aiming for you to get out of the weekend:

  • Inspiration to turn your life into a thing of beauty
  • Discovery of what you’d love to be, do and have in your life
  • Validation of who you are inside
  • The knowledge and evidence that we all have the same opportunities in life for the taking
  • How to hear, access and follow your heart (no small thing)
  • Trust in yourself, especially in your decision making
  • The confidence to start making your life different
  • How to get back on track on ‘off’ days
  • Reassurance that what you’re interested in is worthwhile
  • Community and new friends
  • Greater self respect
  • Greater self worth (in one day, yes…I exaggerate not!)
  • Greater empathy and compassion
  • Unconditional love for yourself
  • Success at what you go for
  • Passion and motivation for life
  • Self confidence when talking to people about your passions
  • And last but not least…a change of career, relationship, fortunes, health, wellbeing, wealth and anything else you feel isn’t working….


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Get tickets for the Sat 16th & Sun 17th September Joyfinding Weekender workshop to feel happier the very next day!

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JoyFind’s ethos:

JoyFind believes in an open hearted world which contains open hearted people.

JoyFind believes in understanding each other, from our cores.

JoyFind believes in wanting to do the best we can by each other.

JoyFind believes we are united, in consciousness and spirit.

JoyFind believes we are the creators and designers of our own lives.

JoyFind believes we should want to live fulfilled lives.

JoyFind believes we should each make our own music. Each sing our own song.

JoyFind believes we have the inherent power to achieve absolutely anything.

JoyFind believes together we are stronger than alone.

JoyFind believes everything in life should be done with fun.



“Jacqueline, you’ve made such a difference to my life.
Two months on and I’m in such a different place and it’s all ‘go’. I always feel ready to race out and do things after speaking to you!” Charlotte Fox, Actress, now also Physical Theatre Pioneer and Independent Theatre Producer

“It was like I only had a little lamp on, but coaching flooded the room with light.” Dajana Jackson-Prosnanova, Managing Director & Slimming Coach, Hypoxi Knightsbridge

“Working with Jacqueline has helped me a really great deal in getting more clarity and understanding where I want to be and how I want to be as a person. Jacqueline is very sensitive and we immediately connected. She supported me through some key changes in my lifestyle and mostly on how I saw myself. Working with her has been a pleasure.” Grazia Tribulato, Head of Branding, Music industry, London

“Jacqueline taught me to take control of my emotions, channel the negative energy into positive and be the master of my own success. It’s a great pleasure to have worked with her, and the company of her calm and soothing dog, Angel, was an added bonus! Jacqueline, you are fantastic!” Rebecca Alexander, Professional, London & South Africa

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