JoyFind Coaching is proud to present…

A workshop that may change your life.
It’s certainly designed to.

A unique world of ‘you’ where your heart leads the parade and change is thick in the air.


Created from the depths of a heart committed to change for the better…

Is an opportunity to take the scattered thoughts and ideas you’ve had for your life and
bring them together to make something solid, something you can go after.
Something that is so exciting, so invigorating, so fruitful – a colourful explosion of joy
for your life.

Using a unique blend of painting, higher mind states, life principles and life coaching,
joyfinding is a workshop in which we reveal the secrets ready to be unveiled in your life.
What has held you back, and will do no longer. what your true mission, purpose and
uniqueness is; that ‘more’ you’ve been searching for…

But you’re not left there. We go all the way, to the ‘what next’ once you’ve found it…

And all with a big pinch of fun!

Some recent testimonials and pictures painted (no prior artistic prowess necessary!)…

“I really enjoyed the workshop – I found it very positive, powerful and encouraging. It makes you think outside the box and aim for better things.” Daiva

“Thanks so much for running the workshop at the weekend. I can certainly say I’ve never done anything like that before and it was very eye opening!” G

“I learned to let your inner child out, so it can transform your life” Nikolett



Yusuf painting1

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A little taste of what’s to come…

I recently signed up to Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra’s latest 21 day meditation experience.
In their preceding ebook, called ‘7 Steps to Radical Wellbeing’, Deepak writes a beautiful thing about daily engaging in childlike activities:

He says, “An ancient Vedic aphorism says, ‘Infinite flexibility is the secret to immortality.’
When we cultivate flexibility in our consciousness, we renew ourselves in every moment and reverse the aging process.

Children offer the finest expressions of openness and flexibility. They play and laugh freely, and find wonder
in the smallest things. They are infinitely creative because they haven’t yet built up the layers of conditioning
that create limitations and restrictions.”   

Imagine your mind is a palace. In this palace there are many, many rooms. On the walls of each room,
there is writing on its wall. These are your beliefs. We live in very grand and beautiful palaces, but we
cease to explore them. We stay in just a few rooms, each of which has a belief carved into its wall.
We never discover the new rooms, those without anything on the wall just yet – those in which we feel new, and free.

Wherever you are, this workshop delivers to you what you need to hear and the next steps you need to help you in life right now

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Celebrating one of my wonderful career and life coaching clients Charlotte Fox, an actress with serious talent, commitment to making what she wants out of this life and letting her light shine!

Awesome laughs at her self written satirical comedy on the kooky world of an actress trying to make it in the industry, addressing real issues but in an absolutely unique way. As seen at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Super belly laughs, raw talent, Charlotte flipping between one character and the next. Very impressed and delighted to have been a background player in this coming to fruition.

We all have this kind of genius, courage and commitment in us! The choice to release it is yours.

PM me to discuss 1-1 coaching and releasing the true you.

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Paint Your Purpose - Next Sunday 22nd Oct 1-3pm is our next 'taster' event of this unique life coaching technique you won't find elsewhere. Have a fun afternoon, clear your mind, get some direction, leave happy! ...

Joyfinding - Paint Your Purpose at Drink, Shop & Do London

October 22, 2017, 1:00pm - October 22, 2017, 3:00pm

Shake off your worries and get childlike and carefree with this unusual way of life coaching you to a happy Monday – using art and all things playfully creative to make it a better week, month and 2017! Tickets £25: Joyfinding Paint Your Purpose uses painting, colouring, glitter-bombs and childlike innocence to create visions of your future from the depths of your mind and you're given the tools to translate it. Jacqueline Labib is a transformational life coach who uses creativity and fun to inspire people to purpose - and helps you let loose from the freaking week. Over bottomless tea and delicious cake, get stuck in with those kids' materials – crayons, felt tips, old school paints and glitter - to create a magical scene of where your being would like you to go next in life and understanding of what it means. Imagine your mind is a palace. In this palace there are many, many rooms. On the walls of the first few rooms, there is writing on the walls. These are your beliefs - limiting beliefs. We live in very grand and beautiful palaces, our minds, but we stop exploring them. We stay in just a few rooms, each of which has a belief carved into its wall, preventing us from stepping through to the next one. We never discover the new rooms, those without anything on the wall just yet – those in which we feel new, and free. In this Joyfinding Paint Your Purpose 2 hour workshop you'll: Have fun while learning about yourself Get out of your busy mind Become more peaceful and focused in the moment and in your life generally Step into fun and simplicity Meet curious-minded people like you Find purpose and greater meaning for your life through art, encouraging the subconscious and superconscious mind to release their secrets to you Have the chance to ask a life coach any burning questions about direction, fulfilment, purpose, motivation and happiness Enjoy it all over a scrumptious slice of cake and bottomless tea, perfect on a Sunday brunch "I started the workshop with more than an air of hesitation and apprehension. However it was great to do something entirely different for a couple of hours - thank you" "Fun and super insightful. It's liberating to close your eyes, take a deep breath and get on with the art!" - Michelle "Really enjoyed the session and finding out more about my feelings and where I am in my life. Would definitely do it again." - Katie "Thanks so much for a lovely afternoon. Really made me think about things differently and the important things and people in my life who make me happy :)" - M "Really enjoyed the dive into my childhood" - Chris "It was great to have some mental space to be as whimsical as I wanted and so to open my mind. The most powerful image was 'imagine you are a star, the brightest star'. Very liberating and enlightening." More about Transformational Life Coach Jacqueline Labib Come and find your joy with us - we promise FUN personal development with unique techniques that really do work, for absolutely everybody. FAQs Where can I contact the organiser with any questions? Email or Facebook message us and you'll usually get an answer within the same day Is my registration/ticket transferrable? Yes, but refunds won't be given for no-shows or arriving late. Be powerful by choosing to listen to the positive, strong part of your mind which is telling you you deserve to live a fulfilling, authentic life and explore more about yourself. You won't regret it. Do you offer refunds? If you don't have fun and don't find anything out about yourself, we'll give you a partial refund of 15 (the other 10 covers your refreshments). Let us know at the end of the workshop and we'll arrange the refund by the original payment method. Refunds won't be given for no-shows or arriving late. Register for a fun-packed, eye-opening activity. You might learn something awesome! See you there! Jacqueline & the Drink, Shop & Do Team

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I genuinely love some of the text on an ad for a business coach's new program (Andy Harrington, credit where credit's due). He talks truth about how when you're of service through doing the things you love as a career it benefiting everyone. Read on and reach into your memory for that idea you've been sitting on...

Are you CREATING more than you CONSUME?

First and foremost money is NOT the most important thing in the world. LOVE is the most important. But money can also be produced from LOVE.
For when you do what you love and it becomes a passion everything you do has the resonance of love in it and you become like a magnet attracting more of what you want and repelling what you don't want. You also become more of a giver, let me explain.
Before we had money people exchanged services (bartering). If you did something for someone they owed you a favour which you could call upon in the future.

In other words the other person would give you an I.O.U note to return the favour. Money eventually became this I.O.U note.

So this means today those people with surplus money in their account have found a way of helping lots of people.

The reason they have money (IOU) notes is because they have CREATED more than they CONSUMED. Specifically they created more help for others than they have consumed help from others.
This makes people with money GIVERS not takers.
In a business it works like this:

1. Person has a problem they don't know how to solve by themselves

2. An entrepreneurial thinker creates a solution as a service or a product.

3. Entrepreneurial thinker invests their own money to reach out and find person with the problem.

4. Person with problem buys solution and (provided it's a good solution) solves their problem.

5. Entrepreneur repeats this process and now employs people who also benefit through having a job and feeling good about themselves.

6. Entrepreneur repeats this process and seeks to improve their solution and hopes to reach out and help even more people.

7. Company owned by Entrepreneur pays taxes on all profits (if there are any) AND pays taxes on any income they draw from the company as a salary or a dividend and the government redistributes the money collected in taxes for the good of all. (of course there are some companies who could pay more tax)
For me making money is not about building empires (although that's fine too if everyone benefits) it's about doing my part to contribute and make a difference.

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DAY 3 of the JoyFind Base Camp Retreat, life coaching workshops and adventure rolled into one.

We took on the FORMULA 1 RACETRACK, the Algarve Autodrome in one of our favourite, boundary-pushing, confidence-boosting, exhilarating activities of the retreat - go-karting. Zooming round bends, overtaking, drenched in the Portuguese sun, we took the driving seat of our lives after an insightful art based life coaching workshop around who we truly are deep down in ourselves.

Not to mention the specially negotiated PRIVATE TOUR of some of the supercars and stop into the professional racers' pits as a superbike contest was going on. Big smiles at the end of this day - we couldn't tear ourselves away.

JoyFinders don't do things by half!

Cannot wait to be back there next September 2018 for a repeat of the JoyFind Base Camp Retreat - the space to reset, refresh and prep for what fun lies ahead in life @wideoceanretreat gorgeous retreat centre

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Day 1 of the JoyFind Base Camp Retreat complete. Settling into our beautiful 'base camp', the beautiful Surya Lodge, Costa Vincentina protected natural park & coast, soothing sights, sounds, smells and sun. Still summer here. Aaahhh. Breathe out. Life begins anew #transformation #lifecoaching #animals #portugal ...

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