Purchase “10 Steps To Your Life Direction Home Coaching” for £ 19.00  

Do you have the feeling that there’s a life out there that’s beyond what you already have?

Do you often change your mind about what you want and sometimes even forget ideas, only for them to pop up just when you have to make an important decision?

Does it get so overwhelming that you breathe a huge sigh and push it all aside, but still feel that niggle of dissatisfaction?

Imagine if you could go through life definitely knowing what you want and that they’re the right decisions for you, like the people you see who always seem to have so much drive and consistently actually get the things they say they want.

Over 30 days you will receive carefully timed materials with specific instructions on how to create, shape, filter, test and ensure your life is going in the direction you truly want it to.

There will be litmus tests to highlight your motivations for each idea or goal, and these are tests you can carry through into the rest of your life when things get overwhelming in your busy daily life, to reduce anxiety, stress, overwhelm and that dreaded ‘freeze’ mode – where you don’t do anything, for fear of making the ‘wrong’ move.

By the end of the 4 weeks you’ll have an action plan for each of your top 10 goals and will have already started your journey to reaching each and every one of them – easier than ever before. Plus, a whole host of other life aims to keep as a continuous check-in, make adjustments to when you need to, share with loved ones and friends and see and use as your inspiration and launchpad for success.

Satisfied JoyFinders say:

Jacqueline’s coaching made really made me see what person I am and who I could be. I feel a lot more at ease and comfortable with my life – and my boyfriend proposed to me seeing the change in me – AB, Swindon

Jacqueline has helped me to say NO to what isn’t serving me, and push forward with what is – KK, Gloucestershire

I made a simple tweak from coaching that changed my daily life – JR, London

Purchase “10 Steps To Your Life Direction Home Coaching” for £ 19.00