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Powerful Questioning Models

In a session, you will be asked powerful, insightful and strategically timed questions (and sometimes some practical exercises) to help you find what your goals are, explore what your current reality truly is, pinpoint the exact obstacles you’re facing or could face and explore what options you have, culminating in outlining practical and realistic actions that meet your goals in a tangible way. These are to be completed, either by our next session or beyond, as you define is realistic for yourself.

80% of what people do is not effective, only 20% is. We will always aim to be working in this 20%, so you come out with a few, targeted, non-overwhelming actions that actually take strides towards your goals.

At no point would I tell you what to do, or even guide you in a certain direction that I think is suitable with decisions and actions. I am a facilitatorusing the powerful tools and techniques I am trained in, acting as the light shining on your path to who you want to live your life as and what adjustments that involves. I am supportive to your dreams, not directive as to where I think you should go. In a world where everyone wants to give their opinion, albeit from a well-meaning place, I give space for you to pause and sound out what has been going round your head. You will be finding your own answers.

We work mainly with the present and future.



EFT and TFT are powerful tools involving tapping and speaking to the subconscious to alleviate or remove emotional distress. They have been found to correct imbalances in the automatic nervous system.

Regardless of the emotion you feel – guilt, worry, stress, anger, fear, shame, loss, sadness, loneliness, grief, rejection, rage, embarrassment, addictive urges, physical pain, claustrophobia, fear of spiders and flying/airplane turbulence, TFT and EFT can remove this.

TFT can be used for severe lifelong phobias such as Mary’s, for enhancing peak performance, for freeing yourself from living with a self-defeating behaviour such as smoking, if this is something that bothers you, for removing blocks in the energy system relating to fear, distress, doubt, frustration, anxiety and many more emotions.

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) was discovered by psychologist Roger Callahan, Ph.D. in 1981/ In TFT, Dr Callahan has discovered a way to apply the ancient science of energy meridians to the alleviation of emotional distress. It involves tapping acupressure points, in a specific sequence which varies depending on the type of distress being treated.

Dr Callahan’s first TFT client was Mary, a client with a very severe phobia of water. After a year and a half of therapy, she was only slightly improved. She could now sit on the edge of his swimming pool, but she couldn’t look down, and she had a splitting headache the whole time. “In retrospect”, Dr Callahan says, “I don’t think I actually helped her phobia; I think I simply increased her tolerance for pain.” So he decided to try something completely different. based on an energy-related technique with which he had begun experimenting, he asked her to tap under her eye (he had learned that the energy meridian which is linked to fear has a point near the surface under each eye). After tapping under her eye, her fear of water was completely gone. She ran down to the swimming pool outside his home office and began splashing water into her face. That night she was able to take a walk on the beach for the first time and her fear of water never returned.

This, obviously, encouraged him to continue experimenting. Although the technique is usually somewhat more complex than tapping one point, he refined a diagnostic procedure that helped him formulate an application which in minutes, removed severe, lifelong phobias.

Dr Callahan reports he has never heard of a case where TFT has harmed anyone. It either works or does nothing (and in these rare cases we will use a different modality instead during your session).

Two of the most significant research studies on TFT were done at Florida State University. In the early 1990s Associate Professor Dr Joyce Carbonell did a controlled placebo double-blind study on TFT with 49 college students who had acrophobia (fear of heights). Treatment and control groups experienced the same procedure, with the exception that the control group received a placebo TFT treatment where they were asked to tap on places that are not treatment points, while the treatment group tapped on the correct points. There was a statistically significant difference between the groups.

TFT can often give almost instantly, even in very severe situations. A TFT therapist, Dr Jenny Edwards, happened to be in Nairobi, Kenya, when the bomb went off in the embassy in August, 1998. She went into the hospital where hundreds of injured people were waiting for medical treatment. She did TFT with severely traumatised people in extreme pain, and she had amazing results. The first woman she had worked with had reported a 10 (on a scale of 1-10) on both trauma and pain. After a few minutes of TFT her pain was gone and she said, a little bewildered, “I’ve played the pictures of what happened the day of the bombing over and over in my mind, almost without stopping, since Friday. It’s really strange, but I’m not doing that anymore. I think I’ll be able to get to sleep tonight.” And she did.

TFT has also been helpful for many, many people post the September 11th attacks.

EFT is similar to TFT, standing for Emotional Freedom Technique, developed by one of Dr Callahan’s students, Gary Craig, but using different tapping sequences and is applicable to different emotions, situations and events. We will together decide what’s best to use during sessions.



NLP (Neurolinguistic programming) uses mind-body exercises to dramatically change your perspective on fears, events, worry, can help you dream and goal-set, help you to think about things you feel like you have a ‘block’ on, get creative with ideas for ways forward in your career, health, relationship or other area of your life, and even plan financially!

Tailored tools are used in-session, ad hoc, to get you leaps and bounds closer to your ideal life!



The conscious, unconscious and subconscious minds are something we usually hear a lot about, but are you aware we also have a superconsciousness mind?

Subconscious = the part of your brain that learns things, such as driving a car, initially through your conscious, then goes on autopilot, freeing up your conscious mind to do things like hold a conversation with your passenger or process what you’re seeing on the sat nav map. Think of it as a ‘fertile ground’ – it will say yes and grow whatever you plant in it

Unconscious = when you do things without being consciously aware of them, such as say ‘um’ and ‘ah’ during a sentence – ‘I didn’t realise I did that’ moments

The superconsciousness is the part of the mind that is able to have a bird’s eye view of where we are in life, of any situation. It does so by connecting to universal consciousness – all things in all time and space. The superconscious is what we tend to call intuition – the knowing that something or someone is right for you, that the left turn would be better than the right, that there’s something ‘off’ about the new person you just met.

Every single person on the planet has a superconscious – it’s a function of the mind, just like the conscious, subconscious and unconscious but little talked about in mainstream media. Its language is the imagination.

Its use in coaching is to expand the mind. Open it to new possibilities. Stretch beyond where your mind can consciously imagine. The superconscious is a powerful tool and is connected to your heart’s deepest desires. It knows before you do with your thoughts or feelings what’s right for. We can access, and harness it. A game-changer.


JoyFind Techniques

Jacqueline continually creates and implements her own techniques, using visualisation, imagination, NLP, creative psychology and other techniques, amalgamated into effective and direct techniques to release blocks and create understanding and awareness.

Do you know someone else who could benefit from these tools? Let them and I know – you could dramatically change a life for the better. We’re all looking to find our joy.