The High Impact Transition Program

The High Impact Transition Program is the ultimate in facilitating you to a new, true identity and unlocks the high value person in you.

The High Impact Transition Program helps you discover your values, firmly embed them into many areas of your life, take major strides in your outlook on life and in reaching your goals across all the areas that are important to you – relationships, health, career, finances, interests, personal image, business success, travel aspirations – the list goes on. A continuous stream of support in a time of great movement in your life.

The High Impact Transition program includes:

  • 1 x 1.25 hr Initial Discovery Session
  • 1 x 1.25 hr Values Elicitation Session
  • 8 x 60/45/30 minute 100% personalised coaching sessions taking place at intervals of between 1 and 3 weeks, in person or by telephone (to be verbally agreed in advance of the session taking place) or by Skype voice call for international clients
  • DISC Personality Style Discovery illuminating your communication style in professional and personal life and your self-image, challenges you will face and areas for improvement, if applicable
  • Email support between sessions to share successes or request ad hoc intervention
  • Home personal development exercises relevant to your goal areas to complete between sessions (optional)
  • Thought-provoking, articles and posts from JoyFind social media and straight to your inbox, designed to inspire, refresh and motivate you
  • Personalised food for thought sent to you ad hoc by your coach, relevant to your goals
  • Refreshments for each session if meeting in person
  • Support across 2-4 months as per your personalised plan design
  • A new outlook on yourself, your world and far-reaching success and the tools to sustain it, across all areas of your life, by your measure


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“JoyFind is a wholly supportive and inspiring lifestyle coaching service.

Not only does Jacqueline Labib help to steer you along with strong and clear guidance to choose your path and reach your desired goals in a professional manner, she also approaches it with genuine compassion and sincerity. She is a great listener with the ability to really prompt you when you reach an obstacle.

Each session is thorough and directional, digging deep to help delve into the root of the areas you wish to address to ensure that you get the best out of your time with her and ultimately, for yourself.  Each goalpost is clearly ascertained and defined, which has immensely helped me to work out the priorities in my life and strive to achieve them with greater clarity.

I would highly recommend JoyFind to anyone who wants to succeed – whether it be in their personal life or their career, or for any other area in which they feel they need it.”

Reena Patel, London, Lifestyle PR Consultant & ‘PR Week’ Freelancer of the Year