The Discover Your Purpose Program

If you have been filling your life with activities and people that you feel somehow jar with you, feel like something is missing no matter how much success you achieve, feel unsupported and lost and imagine there must be more than the tangible that the naked eye sees, clarifying your identity deep within yourself can help.

The Discover Your Purpose Program is the pinnacle of JoyFind’s coaching support. Our aim will be to dig deep and discover who you want to be in your life in terms of qualities and characteristics and what that means in practical terms – what you will do, where you will live, who you will associate with, what you will give and how you will leave your mark on the world.

The Discover Your Purpose Program helps you look deeply at your beliefs, discard the unhelpful and amplify the useful, explore what higher being or power beliefs are supportive to you, and in an unbiased manner, provide a person to walk with as you make a journey of self discovery of the absolute deepest kind.

The Discover Your Purpose program includes:

  • 1 x 1.25 hr Initial Discovery Session
  • 1 x 1.25 hr Values Elicitation Session
  • 6 x 60/45/30 minute 100% personalised coaching sessions taking place at intervals of between 1 and 3 weeks, in person or by telephone (to be verbally agreed in advance of the session taking place) or by Skype voice call for international clients
  • DISC Personality Style Discovery illuminating your communication style in professional and personal life and your self-image, challenges you will face and areas for improvement, if applicable
  • Email support between sessions to share successes or request ad hoc intervention
  • Home personal development exercises, relevant to your goal areas to complete between sessions (optional)
  • Thought-provoking, articles and posts on social media and straight to your inbox, designed to inspire, refresh and motivate you
  • Personalised food for thought sent to you ad hoc by your coach, relevant to your goals
  • Refreshments for each session if meeting in person
  • Support across 2-6 months as per your personalised plan design
  • An entirely refreshed mindset, outlook on life and beyond life, dramatic change for the better and success by your measure across all areas of your life and self assurance to pursue your new and existing aims in life

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