The Confidence Turnaround Program

confidenceturnaroundThe Confidence Turnaround Program helps you discover your values and tackle areas of your life in which you lack the confidence to make change. We will pinpoint the beliefs that are dragging you down, turn them around and make waves in your life in just 6 totally tailored-to-you sessions and the optional additional support as detailed below.

The Confidence Turnaround program includes:

  • 6 x 60/45/30 minute 100% personalised coaching sessions taking place at intervals of between 1 and 3 weeks, in person or by telephone (to be verbally agreed in advance of the session taking place) or by Skype voice call for international clients
  • Email support between sessions to share successes or request ad hoc intervention
  • Personal development exercises relevant to your goal areas to complete between sessions (optional)
  • Thought-provoking, articles and posts from the JoyFind blog straight to your inbox, designed to inspire, refresh and motivate you
  • Personalised food for thought sent to you ad hoc by your coach, relevant to your goals
  • Refreshments for each session if meeting in person
  • Support across 1-3 months as per your personalised plan design
  • Your confidence and the satisfying, long-awaited results that come with it!


Talk More: +44(0)788 308 1401

“Jacqueline and I hit it off straight away and I instantly felt comfortable talking to her about my problem areas. She understood everything that I said and understood my worries and concerns.

Jacqueline worked with me on some great objectives that fitted well with my lifestyle and I have been able to build on certain relationships I have with friends and family because of this.

The coaching really made me see what person I am and who I could be and I feel a lot more at ease and comfortable with my life.

Each session we would look at what area or problem I had been tackling that week and we would discuss this. The good and the bad and what I wanted to achieve and when by. By the end of the call I would feel motivated and excited and feel like I could tackle whatever was in front of me. I would also have some objectives to complete for the following week.

My life has really turned around, and my boyfriend even proposed to me, when at one point I thought we may break up, and we are just about to buy our first house together.

Jacqueline really does make a difference and I am so thankful for her coaching!”

Abbie Bryant, Swindon