It is a fine thing to have ability but the ability to discover ability in others is the true test – Lou Holtz 


As a teenager, I knew there was a ‘big’ life out there in the world, ready and waiting to take me on a fantastic ride. I would pore over Vogue magazines seeing the art, the glitz and glamour, the ambition, creativity and big ideas, the characters, concepts and the thinking behind the expression.

I found my touch of glamour working in fashion, beauty and lifestyle PR, for everyone from Grace Jones to the Gucci Group, then in Buying at Liberty, the world-renowned creative department store. I loved discovering new technologies within the products we sold, the artists and stories behind the creations and had my fair share of liaising with well-known faces.

While being the facilitator for over 40 shop floor staff, managing the balancing act between serving the store’s aims and the brands’ we stocked and the folk behind them, I realised it was no longer about products for me – it was about people. I knew I was making a difference to the daily life of each of the women and men I supported, and the feeling was contagious.

I started looking for my next career move, knowing there was something in training or development that appealed. I knew I wanted to be able to be me, do what I’ve always felt I want to do naturally – encourage and see people aim higher, be bigger, do better, reach further, dream wider, and be excited about life and all it has to offer. I knew there was something in showing people a way beyond what they already knew, and most importantly, for helping people see they can go directly for their wildest dreams, and would find their worries and limitations paled when they did.

Coaching was it.

I remember the taster weekend I went on to learn more about the field, like it was yesterday – I felt more passion than I had ever done for any type of work before, having worked in property, finance and of course fashion, health and beauty, as a freelancer at all sorts of things, from cabaret stage management to branding, and more. The feeling that I could open up people’s worlds as a job was completely mind-blowing.

Since 2012 I have been on my journey as a coach, speaker, idea-generator and dream-reacher, and I know it will be a lifelong one.

JoyFind is about opening up people’s worlds and helping them to impact their worlds, too.

This means inspiring and helping people to break through their barriers and do what they love in every area of their life, so they in turn not only give permission to those around them, but are inspired to make the world dance, in their own way.

I bring my humour, playfulness, to-the-heart-of-the-matter attitude and genuine compassion to one-to-one coaching, to Joyfinding weekend and day-long group workshops, to management and employees in companies whose people could do with a helping hand, and to training and mentoring new coaches with Noble Manhattan Coaching, the international coach training organisation. I work with some of the most creative and motivated companies and individuals in the fields of branding, public relations, sales, the dramatic arts, experiential hotels, art and design, mental and physical wellbeing and entrepreneurialism, through to children in schools, hospitals and with teens. I am a member and Accredited Senior Coach with the International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring and make it my business to immerse myself in some of the wisest and most mysterious cultures in the world to bring back their wisdom.

JoyFind believes in an open hearted world which contains open hearted people.

JoyFind believes in understanding each other, from our cores.

JoyFind believes in wanting to do the best we can by each other.

JoyFind believes we are united, in consciousness and spirit.

JoyFind believes we are the creators and designers of our own lives.

JoyFind believes we should want to live fulfilled lives.

JoyFind believes we should each make our own music. Each sing our own song.

JoyFind believes we have the inherent power to achieve absolutely anything.

JoyFind believes together we are stronger than alone

JoyFind believes everything in life should be done with fun


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Creativity Coaching

Where aims and practices have become stagnant, I aim to bring fresh life and light. Juicy green to a stale plate. Inspiration where there was indifference.

Confidence Coaching

Underpinning everything is the confidence to go for it. Underpinning confidence is real insight into what you have at your fingertips. I light the way.

Stress Management Coaching

Serenity. Balance. Freedom of mind. There’s simply nothing better.

Wellbeing Coaching

This doesn’t need to be as complicated as you’ve been led to believe. We cut through all the practices and time spent on your emotional, physical or mental wellbeing and reduce it down to things that work for you, now.

Financial Coaching

That all-important one, funding. Ever feel like you’re jinxed? There are deep dark memories propping up your financial beliefs, and therefore, reality. I do indeed have the keys to unlock them. Powerful, life-changing and life-affirming work.

Holistic Coaching

There’s a multitude of tools available to choose from – in coaching, in life. I prefer to include rather than exclude. There are many effective techniques able to call on the power of energies of belief, of thoughts, of conduits and of the subconscious. Should you like them, we do them.

Relationship Coaching

Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. But what if you could live with them? Find them, love them, have a fulfilling, synergistic relationship. Whatever the relationship, it can be worked on. Don’t give up just yet.

Couples’ Coaching

Why shouldn’t you have the relationship of your dreams? Why shouldn’t you both be feeling fulfilled, happy and secure in yourselves as well as the relationship? This is one of my favourite kinds of coaching, simply because I get to see double smiles, double discoveries, double joy.

Neuroscience in Coaching

There’s a way your brain fires things off and without knowledge of it, you’re lost. In this instance, knowledge is truly power. I arm you with what you need to know, to get the most out of yourself. Part lesson, part coaching, this is information you’ll never forget.

DISC Personality Styles / The Enneagram Personality Enlightenment

How can you help yourself if you don’t know yourself? Enough said.

Style Coaching

This is much more than the fun bit – discovering how you want to present yourself on the outside. This is turning inside out – showing your inside on the outside. Being you. It’s freeing.

Building & Sustaining Motivation

For life! For love! For championing the world! The seed is in you, and I know how to grow it. Together we’ll create a tree, a forest, a country – you name it. Let’s do it.

Retirement Coaching

You don’t think you’re past it do you? Pah! My aim is to work til I’m 93, and I’m taking you with me. Your contribution to the world will never end, as long as your eyes are open. Rediscover, rejuvenate, revive. There is a second wind awaiting you.

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