JoyFind is about opening up possibilities. Whether in your mind, or outwards in the world, Jacqueline helps you see what you have not seen before  Read More >>


About Jacqueline

As a teenager, I knew there was a ‘big’ life out there in the world, ready and waiting to take me on a fantastic ride. I would pore over Vogue magazines seeing the art, glitz and glamour, the ambition, creativity and big ideas, the characters, concepts and thinking behind the expression. Read More >>

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Our Partners Include:

What We Do Together

  • We can work on one particular big goal you have and the sub-goals that lead up to that.
  • We can work on 2 or 3 you know you want to achieve.
  • Or we can review where you’re at overall in life.Together we will find out what’s important.  Get started >>